Sorry - we've had to shut down the service due to Twitters' new API costs 😢

Previously, you would have Clicked 'Beat It', signed in with your Twitter account and we would have turned your #TweetsToBeats

We're mixing your beat, you'll receive a Tweet shortly


To celebrate the 2016 Leeds Digital Festival, which this year incorporates the Live at Leeds music festival, we have created a Twitter app that turns your #TweetsToBeats. Enter your Twitter account and you’ll receive a video Tweet from @TweetsToBeats with your personal beat.

How it works

Our #TweetsToBeats ‘algo-rhythm’ looks at three elements from your Twitter activity to create your personal beat:

  1. We look at the frequency of your last 100 Tweets
  2. We then look at the amount of characters you typically use
  3. We then look at which part of the day you are most active on Twitter

The frequency of Tweets determines the beats per minute (BPM) and gives us your kick drum; the character use translates into your hi-hats; and the snare pattern is derived from the time of day you Tweet the most.

We are delighted to be involved in the Leeds Digital Festival once again. Using this year’s collaboration with the Live at Leeds music festival as the inspiration, we created the #TweetsToBeats concept to mix social and digital with music to produce a unique app for the 2016 Festival.

Umpf is a Leeds-based, multi award-winning PR and social media agency (Social Media Agency of the Year 2015).

The Leeds Digital Festival is a multi-venue, city-wide festival celebrating digital culture in all its forms, taking place from Monday 25th to Friday 29th April 2016, in collaboration with the Live at Leeds music festival.

GatenbySanderson provide Executive Head-hunting and Assessment solutions. We have invested in our own in-house development team for the last decade building sophisticated systems and agile web products.

Rick Harrison, our head of development, wrote the back-end code that analyses your tweets, producing your #TweetsToBeats video.

If you're a PHP developer, come work for us!

Freelance web designer and digital consultant, Dave Ellis, works with PR, search and design companies to create unique online experiences. Dave developed the front-end of this site, which was designed by Umpf.